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Students gain industry insight to help kick start their careers

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On Wednesday 29th Jan, Working Knowledge, in partnership with Harrow College,  welcomed a number of professionals from the Business, Sports and Hair and Beauty industries to give students insider knowledge about career paths and professional workplaces.

Students practiced networking with the professionals and picked up some very useful interview tips through roleplaying activities. 

They were also made aware of lesser known roles and alternative routes that exist within each respective industry.

Many of those present were keen to learn how to run their own business, particularly those students who aspire to run their own salons and sports coaching centres

The professionals spoke about how, with the right attitude and qualifications, students can transform their passions into a lifelong vocation.   

Joomla attempt 1Lexie Grech talking to students.  Interestingly, Lexie GrechManagement Consultant and Personal Performance Coach who was invited to speak to Harrow students, had also previously attended a Working Knowledge workshop  ten years earlier when she herself was a student. She had the following to say;

  “Attending the Employer Aware Event at Harrow College was fantastic. These type of events were crucial in helping me shape my behaviours and goals whilst studying, so I am very keen to pass the learnings onto the next generation, and to ensure that the students really understand that above and beyond anything else, employers are human too. Breaking the barriers and conversing with the wonderful students in attendance was a truly enriching and rewarding experience for me personally. I have learnt from them as much as, I hope, they have learnt from me and from each other. It excites me to see young adults so engaged and motivated to do well in whatever comes next for them. I'd be thrilled to be involved in more of these events in the future.

If you’re interested in gaining a qualification and kick starting your career, follow this link to view our courses.

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