A Harrow College Hair and Beauty student showing her beautiful makeup

Hair and beauty showcase 2024 Our Hair and Beauty students wowed at this year’s annual showcase!

The showcase is an opportunity for our students, ranging from Hair and Beauty Therapy Levels 1 to 3, to share some of their fantastic creations with their friends and families, who joined us at the Harrow on the Hill campus to support them last Tuesday 30th April.

Hair and beauty showcase 2024 The showcase featured a variety of styles from our hairdressing and beauty therapy courses based on the theme provided, such as our Level 3 Hair students, who were asked to present an ‘Avant Garde’ look.

Amongst our students’ family and friends, the audience also included our Hair and Beauty Therapy applicants, who were invited to Harrow on the Hill to get a taste of some of the exciting tasks they will be taking on in their course next year.

Take a look through some of our student's work