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Dr. Phil Whitaker, an award winning writer and a doctor in general practice for over 30 years, came to our Harrow on the Hill campus to talk with our AS Level/A Level Science students about the changing landscape of the NHS and training for doctors.

Dr. Phil Whitaker in an informative Q&A session with our Harrow AS/A level Science students Our students engaged in an informative Q&A session with Dr. Whitaker focusing on some of the key themes from his most recent book: ‘What is a Doctor?’, including how the role of a doctor has transformed over the last three decades as well as how the NHS can continue to be sustainable.

Dr. Whitaker also touched on what it means to be a patient in today’s NHS and how each of us can be more involved in our own healthcare.

The students who attended found the session to be really insightful, learning about the distinction between a GP's life and a surgeon's life, the pros and cons of working abroad and what to expect after completing their A Levels. 

In his book Dr. Whitaker refers to medicine “as not merely a career but as a way of life. A vocation. A calling” a mentality we hope all our students wishing to pursue a career in medicine or dentistry will aspire to.

We want to thank Dr. Whitaker for taking the time to come and talk with our students giving them a personal and insightful look into the medical profession.

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