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Elina Sharifi

Advanced VCE in ICT
2002 – 2004


"I'm currently a passionate Technology Analyst having successfully completed a BSc (hon.) in Artificial Intelligence and MSc Computer Forensics at University of Westminster. I became an expert in cyber-crime (with an emphasis on sex-crimes and social networking), evidence and data gathering.

The experience in Harrow College prepared me for the right career choice. It made me more confident and opened a completely new passion and talent in IT security. I learned the hard way how important it is to pace yourself and set goals which are achievable.

I chose Harrow College because of the high standard of teaching and the outstanding performance in Social and Educational Inclusion. I was very pleased to hear that the college was also a member of the Westminster Centre of Excellence in Teacher Training, which shows you will get the best the skills and training for the future.

In the future I will continue to challenge myself in the forensic domain and I hope to make a difference in safe guarding online communications against sexual crimes online. As well as continuing to collaborate and expand my research in order to enhance the safety online for minors.

I would like to thank all my former tutors who contributed towards my course for their personal views, experience and skills. But personally would like to acknowledge Helen Sabonjian for her extensive assistance and faith in all of us, and her constant encouragement. Helen thank you, you always believed that we will do best, and we will continue to make you proud."