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ESOL staff rising to the challenge of remote delivery

ESOL Staff at Harrow college have been fantastic with their response to covid. A lot of work has gone on behind the scenes to keep ESOL students engaged:

ESOL screenshotRemote learning guide from TutorsTutors have adapted all the instructions for remote access to make them accessible to those with ESOL needs, helping students over the phone to download Apps so that they can join remote learning. They have also been corresponding by sending out letters with information and instructions on remote learning to those students who are not reachable by text, email or phone calls.

Staff have also been producing lesson materials on-line for all our ESOL classes and use different hubs to deliver lessons to cater for the wide range of ability in ESOL: Zoom, Moodle, Skype for Business etc. Additionally, the tutors have been working remotely with our exam boards to get students’ work verified so that they can receive their qualifications.

A number of Tutorial sessions have focused on staying well while in lockdown; this has really helped to prevent ESOL students from feeling isolated during such a difficult time. Similarly, daily virtual meetings take place across the department to make sure staff feel supported and ready to teach their students. Staff have also ensured they make regular contact with teachers who have been unwell while in lockdown so they also feel connected.

 ESOL teachers and administrators have found many ways to support those in needs while at home:

esol staff

  • Delivering shopping to vulnerable neighbours.
  • Baking and cooking food for neighbours and friends in need.
  • Chatting daily (on-line or from a safe distance) with those neighbours who are feeling isolated and frightened.
  • Cleaning up their local street as part of their daily physical activity.
  • Collecting medicine from chemists for those in need.
  • Helping isolated people to download Apps so that they can remain connected to the outside world.
  • Walking a dog for a sick neighbour.
  • Looking after sick relatives.
  • Keeping their own family well, staying in touch with friends and relatives, often overseas.