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Harrow Student fundraises to support the NHS

Harrow Student fundraises to support the NHS

Harrow College Science student Aaron Burke, a member of the Harrow College Student Union, came up with an innovative way of raising much needed funds for the NHS during the current coronovirus lockdown.Aaron Burke NHS FundraiserAaron Burke raising funds for the NHS

As a gaming enthusiast, Aaron wanted to do something more constructive than just playing a computer game.   He and his friends decided to do a live stream gaming session with the goal of raising as much money as possible and to donate it to the NHS.

Using Virgin Media’s “Give Money” system it was easy to set up.  Aaron and friends posted links onto their social media channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.  The live stream started at 1pm with four players and they embarked on a mammoth non-stop live stream of Call of Duty.  An amazing 13 hours later at 2am just Aaron and his friend were still playing and completed the game raising £50 plus a further £50 from their donation page making a grand total of £100 for the NHS.

Aaron was happy with the result saying “For myself this is a big accomplishment – to make £100 from the game and the donation page in just three days is really good and shows how people are willing to donate – it just puts a smile on my face”

This is not the first time Aaron has raised money for a good cause.  At Christmas he and the Harrow College Student Union Team raised over a £100 to support the homeless and local food bank.