BTEC Exams in January 2021 Have Been CANCELLED.
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Results are available on Thursday 14 January, for GCSE English & Maths exams sat in November 2020 - please click here for more details.
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Attendance in class opens the door to your future success opportunities


Have you ever wondered why tutors are always talking about attendance being so important?

Harrow College wants you to achieve! Every lesson offers you something – whether it’s new information, advice from your tutors, study tips or even just a chance to re-visit previous information to help with your coursework or an exam! Missing lessons can affect your achievement potential.

OUR TOP TIPS – for achievement at Harrow College:

Set Goals and Seek Help:
A list of short and long-term goals serves as a road map for achievement. If you’re struggling in a class, take advantage of college resources – speak to your SPA, the Careers team or visit the LRC.

Manage Your Time Effectively:
To be successful, you’ll need to commit to a structured schedule that includes classes, study time, possibly a part-time job and social time. If you choose to work, adjust your commitments to ensure you have time to study.

Excel in the Classroom:
Attending every class is key to your success. Volunteer to lead a group project or attend extra study groups if possible. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Take Care of Your Health:
Be proactive and develop healthy habits by scheduling personal time to exercise, sleep and eat well. See the College Enrichment team and consider picking up an activity such at badminton or football. If you ever feel overwhelmed, have a chat with your SPA or the Student Services team (see posters around campus).


ACHIEVEMENT:  A Harrow College student has just won a British Education Awards (BEA) 2019. This makes her one of the best students in the whole of Great Britain. To read more, click here.

INSPIRATION: Rashid Kasirye is a former Media student. Following Harrow College, Rashid went on to form LinkUp TV, The biggest online urban media platform in the UK

OPPORTUNITY: Harrow College have been working with BBC’s The Apprentice winner Lee McQueen for over 7 years. Lee’s Raw Talent Academy offers our students an insight into business and preparation for employment through this hands-on programme, which is extracurricular to their studies.

EMPOWER: We empower our students to have a voice at Harrow College and through the Student Council our students can make positive changes to enhance the student experience for all.

SUCCESS: Harrow College is officially ranked equal best college in West London for 16-18-year-old achievement (DfE data for 2016/17 published March 2018)