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Science Expo celebrates student attributes #Expo2018

Science Expo 2018

As part of the continuing Expo season at Harrow College, the Science department has hosted an Expo event to celebrate student attributes.

Students were nominated by their teachers to demonstrate their newly acquired skills and attributes since joining the college in September 2018.

Attributes such as collaborating, organising, being confident and independent were just some of the proud achievement that student were keen to showcase through various science related activities on the day. The Expo was attending by over 150 people including fellow students, staff and externals guests.

Guests were treated to live displays and experiments including heart, lung and eye dissections, making elephant toothpaste, testing cosmetics and other exciting student led activities.

Michael Worgs, Senior Curriculum Manager for Science and Sport at Harrow College commented:

"Science remains a strong curriculum area at Harrow College and the Science Expo 2018 demonstrates the excellent skillset of our Science students and the passion with which we engage with the wider community."

The Harrow College Expo celebrates student life at the college. The Expo gives students from each department an opportunity to provide an insight into what they do on their course and what their aspirations are for the year ahead.

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