Girl power! Professional mentor service success for female students

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A professional mentoring service for girls at Harrow College has proven to be a big success.

The Girls Network offers students access to professional female mentors who they see throughout the year.

There are thousands of girls in the Girls Network from colleges and schools around the UK. Once in the network, the girls can continue to contact female professionals even when they have finished studying as they progress into their own professions.

Following an introductory session by Nat Rossetti, Girls Network Programme Manager, 22 girls across multiple subject areas from Harrow College joined the programme. Each girl was then matched to a female mentor, carefully selected to match the interests and ambitions of the student.

Mentors have been engaging with their student mentees regularly, discussing a range of topics relating to their personal development and career ambitions including: how to present yourself, focusing on goals and how to overcome fear, support with coursework and gaining confidence with maths, interview preparation, university applications, exploring risk taking and the pros and cons of a gap year.

Highlights include:

  • An architect supporting a Level Three Architecture student has organised a week’s work experience for her mentee in her firm of architects.
  • A student studying theatrical make up has accompanied her mentor to several cat walk fashion events including Pure London Fashion Show where she has met high profile professional make-up artists.
  • One of our student’s mentors is a dentist who has offered free dental check-ups to all our girls on the programme.

Sabrin Abdullahi (see picture above, left) is one of the girls from the programme. She said:

“I have really enjoyed the Girl’s Network program. My mentor has encouraged me a lot. We’ve travelled to many places in London which has given me new life experiences. We’ve definitely built a lifelong relationship. Thank you Harrow College for making it possible”.

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