New partnership to support Harrow College trainee counsellors

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In November 2016, the Counselling Department at Harrow College was approached by Place2be with the offer of providing training for trainee counsellors. Place2be is the leading provider of counselling to young people in schools in the UK. The 2 day training provided an induction to working therapeutically with children.

This marks a new development for the Harrow College department. The training was followed by interviews for those trainees who wished to have placements working with children. Many of those who attended have now secured placements and will work in schools.

It is hoped that the Harrow College Trainee Counsellors will be able to make a significant contribution to the local community and provide a much needed service, especially at a time when financial cut backs have significantly reduced the provision of therapy to children and adolescents.

The training was very much valued by the trainees who learnt a great deal from the two day workshop. Commenting after the sessions, one described the training as “an amazing experience”. Another who benefited from the session said “We were led through training by very experienced, knowledgeable and inspiring trainers”. The general feedback was captured well by another trainee who said “The whole weekend was very practical, informative and relevant for anyone wishing to or working with children”.

Michael Lyons, Counselling Coordinator and lecturer at Harrow College said:

“It is now planned to make this a regular and integral part of our training. We welcome the opportunity of the partnership and we look forward to working collaboratively”.

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