Harrow College English students get creative in writing workshop

English students from Harrow College have taken part in a creative writing session with newly published author Geraldine Roberts.

The students took part in the workshop at the college’s Harrow on the Hill campus on Tuesday 21 April 2015.

During the workshop, Roberts discussed the current English curriculum with students and explored the writing work they had already done as part of their course.

She also talked about her own journey from History MA student to a published author of historical non-fiction.

A2 English student Samantha Baldock said that the workshop was useful for her current course.

“I thought what Geraldine had to say was really interesting. It’s certainly useful for what I am learning now. My exams are coming up soon and this workshop has helped me understand different styles of writing and how I can approach writing for my future assessments.”

Roberts added: “I’ve been a student writer too and I have learnt so much along the way. Writing has opened up the world for me. That’s why I think it’s important to pass that on to other students.”

Roberts’ book, The Angel and the Cad, which relays the story of a wealthy English heiress and her unwise choice of husband, will be published on Monday 18 June through Macmillan Publishers. 

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