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Why study English? We use English for so much, from international communication through to trade, literature and art. It's hard to imagine a world without English.

Studying English at Harrow College will help you to improve your analytical skills and understand how the English language works in communication. You will be able to express yourself and your ideas with confidence.

From reading the works of literary greats like Shakespeare, Tennyson or Bronte, you'll learn about culture, history and how writers use language to convey meaning and metaphor. You will undertake guided reading, following set texts as well as the opportunity for extended reading in your own time. To really immerse you in the subject we'll take you on theatre visits, study days and visits to places of literary interest.

For specific course enquiries please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 020 8909 6000 for more information.


Helen Sultan, AS English Literature & Language


I came to Harrow College because friends who attended the College informed me of the good teaching and multi-cultural atmosphere. It’s very professional and I have very devoted and caring teachers that do their best for their Students.

Fatema Al Mahdawi – GCSE English

Fatema Al Mahdawi  grade 5

I am so happy with my GCSE results, I can’t stop smiling! It was a really difficult journey to learn English. I never missed a single class and with the help and support of my teachers, I have achieved a great result.  

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