English for Speakers of Other Languages

English for Speakers of Other Languages

English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) for adults and young students

Take an ESOL class to help you study, find work and speak more confidently.

You'll learn to communicate through speaking, listening, reading and writing and Citizenship will also be covered throughout the course. You'll gain a recognised qualification and can move through the levels as your skills improve.

You can join an ESOL course if you're resident or seeking asylum in the UK.


Adult courses

We offer intensive adult literacy courses. These are full-time for 17 weeks with 12 hour sessions each week.

Part-time ESOL courses

Day time classes run for 16 or 17 weeks for eight hours each week. Evening classes take place over 33 weeks, with four hour sessions each week.

Off site community classes

Community classes last for 33 weeks, with four hour sessions per week.

Part–time Basic Skills

You can focus on your reading and writing skills with a Basic Skills course. You need to be established in the UK and not a recent arrival.

Numeracy and literacy classes run during the daytime for eight hours a week over 16-17 weeks.

Evening literacy classes take place over 34 weeks, on a Tuesday and Thursday 7pm-9pm, for four hours a week.

Contact us on 020 8909 6000 or visit our Harrow on the Hill Campus.

Courses for young people

Vocational courses

If you're under 23 and want to study any of the subjects listed below we can offer you additional support to improve your written and spoken English

  • Business
  • Science
  • IT
  • Preparation for Childcare
  • Customer Services
  • Vocational studies such as sport and arts

You'll need an appropriate level of English and an interest in one of these subjects. We'll also ask you to take an aptitude test.

These courses are all full-time, which means 34 weeks with 15 hour sessions each week. You'll study functional skills, English, maths and IT and we'll develop your employability skills too.

ESOL Young Foundation Courses all Entry Level 1 to 3

You can take one of these classes if you're under 18 years and your recent arrival in the UK means you've missed out on school. We'll help you improve your English skills and move on to further education.

We focus on improving your English communication skills in reading, writing, speaking and listening. There are also assignment classes in sport, geography, arts and science and a weekly maths and IT session so you can relate what you learn to real life situations.

These courses are full time, 34 weeks with 20 hours each week. Apart from needing to be under 18 years, there are no additional entry requirements.

Contact us for an interview on 020 8909 6000 or visit our Harrow on the Hill Campus.

Nourhada Habib, ESOL


I came to Harrow College because they offered me the course I wanted. The teachers are helpful and I like learning new things all the time. After my course I am going to continue studying BTEC Level 2 in Applied Science. It is the best course for me because it helps me to improve my English and learn science at the same time.
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